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Northern Steel Select Soccer Club is a premier soccer club committed to developing young players to their full potential by providing a quality curriculum stressing both technical skills and tactical knowledge in an engaging and challenging framework. Northern Steel instills the core values of leadership, teamwork, discipline, sportsmanship, persistence, and respect to develop players who can succeed at the highest level of competition and are empowered towards lives defined by high standards of excellence, personal accountability, and community responsibility.

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Our exceptionally skilled coaches are available to provide strategic and tactical coaching to your child and welcome any questions you have about the Northern Steel soccer program.

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Commitment Payment Option

Commiment payment option using PayPal is now closed.
Please talk to your manager for questions conercning how to send in a check for commimtment payments.

Registration Details

We have moved to online form collection in our ongoing effort to improve user experience and document efficiency. Please only fill out the registration links below if you have been offically offered a spot on a Northern Steel team by an offical club coach or manager

To complete the registration please go to the links below. One is a medical release form and the other is the general registration sign off form. Please note that we are not accepting signed paper work forms moving forward so the digital links below are the required method. If you have any issue completing the digitial forms please notify your manager for assistance.

Also below is a link to info packets about each team year. Please note that the packets are not to be filled out or turned in and are informational only. Contact your manager if you have any questions about the information in the packet

Medical Waiver Form Registration Signature Informational Packets

Northern Steel Soccer Club Extends Services with a new Pre-Academy Program

The club will provide a soccer program to help 4-7-year olds begin an easier transition before playing at the Academy level at U9. Northern Steel Soccer is leading the way in the soccer community to help 4-7-year olds who are interested in playing find a smoother transition before playing at the Academy Level, create new opportunities for kids to play, and provide a program that improves fine motor skills and promotes healthy living. As a 501c3 nonprofit company, Northern Steel Soccer aims to provide opportunities for kids at an affordable price for all.

To complete the registration for the Pre-Academy program please go to the links below. One is a medical release form and the other is the general registration sign off form. Please note both forms are required to complete registration.

Also below is a link the Pre-Academy program announcement.

Medical Waiver Form Registration Signature Pre-Academy Program Announcement

Sign up for tryout

The team tryout form has been disabled. If you wish to tryout for the team please use the contact us form below.
If you are a Steel player and have been notified you need to fill out a registration form, please us the Accpeted Player Registration form to fill out medical information and accept the offered roster spot